We are a mixed voice choir (made up of four voice parts: sopranos, altos, tenors and basses) but find we have fewer lower voices. We’d love to encourage new tenors and basses along! Here’s what some of our current lower voice singers say about singing with us:

This is my first ever choir. l have always liked singing but, generally, lots of music can be set too high and I like that I now get to sing parts suitable for my voice.

We all have different levels of musical experience but we just help each other along. There’s always an encouraging and friendly atmosphere at rehearsals.

We have performed some lovely music that I wouldn’t otherwise have heard. When it all comes together and is sounding great, it’s amazing to be a part of it.”

Matt, bass

“Being a bass in a local choir offers more than just singing; it’s a doorway to mental well-being with new and exciting experiences.
Personally, I have found High Peak Singers to be a wonderful experience over the last two years allowing for personal growth and an increase in singing confidence. Hannah is a fantastic director always finding the sweet spot with pieces being hard enough for growth but easy enough not to scare us all away. I cannot overstate the benefit that the choir offers to my mental health; it is always joyous when a new term starts.”

Sam, bass

Despite my lack of technical musical knowledge, & initially confidence, I found that the choir leader, Hannah Brine, made me feel extremely welcome. Her broad smile and lively enthusiasm helped me to pick up the tunes quite quickly. The camaraderie that comes from successfully performing a challenging piece of music is well worth the time and effort.

Richard, bass

“Being a member of the choir is challenging, uplifting and it feels just great when it comes right, which it always does”

Paul, tenor

“I joined High Peak Singers only 6 months ago, and it feels like home already – the members are warm and welcoming, the leader (Hannah) is inspiring, always fun and positive, and she has great knowledge and skill. She has high expectations, and is inclusive of all standards, but does achieve a remarkably high standard of singing. We do a concert each term so there is always something to aim for, and the range of music is tremendous with some beautiful harmony pieces, others with jazzy or gospel influence, always testing boundaries. The beautiful ones are my favorites, and can be mind-blowing.”

Bob, tenor

Other singers in the bass section made me feel extremely welcome, and despite my initial lack of confidence, I found the music to be inspiring and enjoyable. I came away that evening with the intention of giving it a go the following week.
I have read that singing in choirs is beneficial to one’s health, and mental well-being irrespective of age and experience. The camaraderie that comes from successfully performing a challenging piece of music is well worth the time and effort.

So, ‘Come and join us, you’ll enjoy it’ is my invitation to you.

Richard, bass